Sunday, June 21, 2015

Spending Money Like A Drunken Fish

Do fish drink? Maybe that's sailor, yes I am "Spending Money Like A Drunken Sailor!" tonight I accidentally bought 2 Rolleiflex F 2.8 planar lens cameras. I won both auctions barely. I will have to pay for both (the 2 winning auctions were in the low $900s USD) cameras then after I receive them choose the better one then resell the second hopefully recovering a good percentage of my original money. I did not expect to win both, but I did, so now I am sort of screwed. I will get the chance to test and choose the camera I love best, but this is going to be an expensive deal. Dumb move on my part, I am usually more careful about such things. Guess I got into some sort of weird ass bidding fever today.

One of the cameras belonged to a the father of the seller, the father is a WWII vet and the sale was to help pay for his care. When I read that part of the sales advert and maybe I bid a little to higher than I might have. At least the money I am spending is going to a good cause, helping a man of honour and sacrifice. I hope I like his Rolleiflex F 2.8 planar lens camera best, it would be rewarding to use a camera with that history of ownership in a positive, constructive way.

I also bought $84CAD in books from Amazon tonight. Joseph Kouldelka's "Exile" which was on sale, a cheaper book on the documentary painter/photographer Ben Shahn and the complete poetry of Walt Whitman. i thought I could take the Whitman book with me to Asia, to help me through the slow hours between photos. I have come to love reading poetry, and Whitman is special.

I am going to pay for all my stuff on eBay, then am shutting that down, no more purchases. No more cameras for a few years anyway. I will use it to sell but not to buy. Sort of lost control for a while here, now to get back on topic. I need to save for Asia, I need to concentrate my efforts not into buying more gear but into the creation of new strong work.