Saturday, August 30, 2014

Link: Shooting On The Street With A Compact Camera

Daido Moriyama often shoots with a compact camera that does not frighten people. I have a nice little compact Leica I bought several years ago that is not to intimidating, I might give that a try with Tri-x. I bought the Leica compact years ago cheap with this in mind. The camera has a nice lens on it and should work pretty well. I could hide my hunger to make the picture, it would make me look like a average joe point and shoot dude. It would probably work better in the bar areas of Thai where the people are camera shy. I could also just use a simple point and shoot digi, which are everywhere and less intrusive. Whatever works to tell your story is where it's at, film, digi, compact cameras, adobegraphs (composite heavily manipulated photographs), there should be no rules.

This is from Eric Kim's blog which is linked below.


Daido expands on why he prefers to use compact cameras compared to big and bulky SLR’s in his documentary, “Near Equal“:

“If you use a SLR, you see things like this [holds camera to eye]. And when you do this, you want to have perfect focus.The moment which you want to capture does not fit your feeling, if you do this. If you are using a compact camera, it is simple.[While holding SLR to eye] 

Also furthermore, if you [use a SLR in front of your eyes] many people in Shinjuku, people turn their faces, or flee.”

Eric Kim wrote:
Certainly the benefit of shooting with a compact camera in the streets is the fact you don’t have to always worry about the camera settings. You can simply point, click, and let the camera do the rest (autofocus, exposure, etc). According to Daido, it allows you to focus more on the photography and the feeling of the moment– rather than fumbling around with settings on the camera.
Not only that, but another huge benefit of shooting with a compact camera is the fact that it tends to be a lot less threatening than a big SLR. It is small, inconspicuous, has a quiet shutter sound, and looks more like a toy than a “serious camera."
Here is a link to a Video of Daido Moriyama speaking of using a compact camera. Check out his NO FINDER shot at 1 minute 42 seconds of the vid.