Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Rod Stewart And Carlos Santana Show

Tonight as a 50 year old I went to my first major music concert, the first in my lifetime! I saw Carlos Santana (67) followed by Rod Stewart (69). I figured going in I would be one of the older people, no fears there I was actually in the younger age group in the sold out house. I counted 3 canes and one artificial leg amongst some of the older crowd.

It was a fun night that I enjoyed quite a bit thou one song by Rod brought back happy and sad memories from Thailand, music can do that, past emotions can overcome you. Seeing how much these older men Stewart and Santana loved to play and sing even as they were closing on 70 was very encouraging. You could see and feel how passionate they were about making music. If they can still be doing it in their late 60s why not me? As long as my eyesight is good and my health satisfactory there is no reason I should not be able to make important photos the rest of my life.

A fun memorable night.