Friday, August 8, 2014

Rania Martar Photography Show At The Tootyung In Bangkok

A show by photographer Rania Martar is currently showing at the Tootyung Gallery in Bangkok. I love the big beautiful digital prints that are in this show current show.

With this new camera purchase doing work in the gallery seems a possibility now. I can just take completed digi camera files to get printed and framed in Bangkok for the show. There would be no expensive carrying or shipping of heavy framed prints from Canada. I can see my photos in a similar layout as Rania Martar's show, maybe in a couple of years from now. Not sure what I would do with the work after the show but that's a later worry : ) Mimi at the Tootyung has agreed to show my work so why not take hold of this opportunity and run with it! There is just the minor detail of creating the work!! This would be my second international show and my first outside of North America.

I need to think of a title for my gay sex tourist-worker, Thai sex worker boyfriend series. The title always helps me to zone in on what I want to do. I am not sure if I should focus in on the gay sex tourist, the  Thai worker or do an equal part of both and concentrate on the relationships (that probably would be best). The trick as always would be getting access, I would have to do the series over a 6 month period or longer to build the trust and relationships I need. It would probably be a slow gradual process. This could yield some very strong photography, photographs that I would be proud of.

I will also of course keep working on other projects that I have already like the "Families of the Dump" series and "Klong Toey Slum Boxers".

Here is the current show at Tootyung in Bangkok I wrote of earlier.