Thursday, August 7, 2014

Quote: Larry Louie (Photographer)

"Regardless what camera one uses as a tool to create images, the most important thing is to see, anticipate and react to the scene in front of you.  One of the greatest assets that photography has over other forms of art is that it captures a moment or period of time.  Thus alertness and the skill of composition is key. The advantage of using a digital camera is that the captured image can been seen right away and thus allows one to experiment as well as confirm what one have captured. I still prefer the manual control of exposure by determining the f-stop and shutter speed myself, but do use the auto focus feature since it is so accurate. I do sometimes override the autofocus to create blur or out of focus images deliberately.  The technology in digital cameras is outstanding and I embrace the convenience of it, but through and through, photography is about seeing, seeing the light."