Sunday, August 24, 2014

Possible Exhibition Prints

Just running images through my mind thinking of what my work for this possible "Exposure Photography Festival Show'.  Here are a quick choice 40 possibles for the maybe 10-20 available spots. The pics are from the "Dads Last Days", "Families of the Dump", "Slum Boxer" and "Nepal" projects. I probably have another 100 possibles that I would need to consider. Because the work would be part of a group gallery show, the selected work would also need to fit into that agenda.

Am getting quite a bit ahead of myself here but after so many gallery rejections it's nice to think positively for a change. Being part of an important photographic festival like "Exposure" would be an honour. More importantly being able to tell "Dads" story and the "Families of the Dump" story would be so rewarding. I might also be able to get people to donate a little to "Eyes to Burma", I would post the link in my "Artist Statement for the show. This group exhibition and the work could have a positive effect on peoples lives.