Saturday, August 2, 2014

Photo Idea: Yaba

Yaba translates from Thai to "crazy medicine" (methamphetamine) it is a huge illegal narcotic problem in Thailand and Southeast Asia. I might want to do a photo project related to it, of course working anywhere near drugs, drug addicts and illegal money is dangerous. I think there could be some powerful and important stories there, The life of a yaba user? The production of yaba? The life of a yaba dealer? The smuggling of yaba? The  police efforts to stamp out yaba? The effects of yaba on the life of a family? Klong Toey slum has plenty of drug use, I might be able to do a story on the drug and its damage to peoples lives there.

Here is a short Australian news documentary on the drug from 1999. If anything the problems have gotten worse in the last 15 years.

 From the linked story:

"But for the most part those busted are small time dealers and users as much victims as they are criminals."