Saturday, August 2, 2014

Photo Idea: The Life Of A Ladyboy Sex Worker

I have been thinking of another possible photo idea. What about following the life of a ladyboy worker in Thai. Either find someone from a bar or from the street who is works in the sex trade and then showing their lives. Show them with customers, at work, on the street, in public, at home, with friends, with lovers etc. I could photograph them with friends and family up country in their family homes, maybe on a farm some where etc. Really get in deep and document that persons life.

People tend to judge so easily they look at the surface and do not see what's underneath. A project like this could open eyes, could educate and would tell the true story of who that strange-gay guy dressed like a lady really is, a decent kind human being just trying to live life as the person they really are.

I would probably have to work with 2 or 3 different people trying to find the right story, and continue photographing for 6 months or so with that right person.