Thursday, August 28, 2014

Books For Dad

Over the last few days I have been dropping off some photo books large and small for dad to browse though, he seems to like to do that. Hopefully in the coming years I can keep my vow and dedicate my own book to him.

Over the last few days the books have included 2 by Mary Ellen Mark, a Walker Evans, a Nan Goldin and last night a Rineke Dijkstra book of portraits (wonderful work).

Update* Gave dad a small book to look at today on David Goldblat along with the local newspaper. He seemed so weak and fragile, I wish there was something I could do to make him stronger, it's all so heart breaking to see him this way. He thanked me when I kissed him before coming to work, his eyes so big, his body so small and quiet. I did a few head shots with the Mark II. Not sure how much time we have left together, whatever that number is, it's not enough.

Photo by  Rineke Dijkstra