Sunday, August 31, 2014

Need To Choose Well

I have been thinking a lot about what 15 or so photos I will use in the show. I need to select well, not only because I am in the same show as a great photographer (Larry Louie) but also because I get these exhibitions so seldom I need to make them count. If I choose the right work and print it to the highest standard who knows there that might lead, the dominoes could fall a bit. When you get your opportunities you need to make the most. of them. There is a possibility I might include some of the Cambodian slum negs and who knows maybe even something from the bar world photos of 2003. I think thou all the work will be from the last 2-3 years.

There should be no additional costs for this exhibition, I have all the frames, cut and uncut mats and all the photo paper I need. The negs are waiting patiently to be brought to life in the darkroom. I will start printing tomorrow night. I want to make these prints SING.

Let the games begin!