Monday, August 25, 2014

National Gallery Of Canada Response

Surprisingly this afternoon I got a response form the National Gallery of Canada submission I did a year or so ago. I got my submission returned along with a positive note saying they were not buying photographs at present and thanking me for sending them an update on my work. It was nice for them to take the time to write me back and send back the submission back free of charge. I guess their people had a look at everything. So the submission did what was required it put the Gerry Yaum name out there, he is on the radar. I got to show a bit of work and received a polite return letter from the National Gallery of Canada, the number one facility in the entire country, one of the top museums int he world.   I will try again in a few years, with the latest and newest work, mission accomplished with this package.

I was quite impressed that the national art people would take the time to write back, many local small  time places are much less considerate. It is great to at least some of the work seen by national gallery people, even if no prints are shown or purchased. Maybe someday before I die or after, a single print of mine will hang in this facility, that would be a dream come true. To have a person I photographed in Asia or maybe even a print of dad hanging in those hollowed halls, would be so wonderful and rewarding.

Here is a link to the gallery in Ottawa, well worth a visit if you have never been there. I saw a wonderful Donald McCullin retrospective show there 4 or 5 times when I visited a couple of years back.

National Gallery Of Canada, Ottawa Ontario Canada