Tuesday, August 19, 2014

More Time

Spent more time with dad today, 2 or 3 hours this evening which was very nice, sad at times but good overall. We watched TV together and talked, I took a bunch of photos. Asked him if he wanted me to stop taking pictures he was OK with me continuing to photograph. I will be more selective and shoot a bit less so I am not a burden. He liked the blurred head shot I did of him the other day asking me to clean up one area under his nose, which I will do, maybe a bit of spotting. I think it is a fair interpretation of what he is going through now and dad quietly appreciates that its being remembered through the photography.

Will go back tomorrow to be with dad again after I do a bunch of yard work. I am off to the darkroom now to develop a 120 roll and 2-35mm rolls of the recent stuff.

Over the last 6 months I have visited dad almost everyday, hopefully there are still many days we can spend together.

This is the photo I showed him today: