Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Migrant Workers Scam

One of the series I wanted to work on in the future was "Migrant Workers" a photo project that would document the lives of migrant workers in Thailand from Laos, Burma and Cambodia. I read this sad story tonight about workers from Cambodia who were scammed out of $20000 baht ($686 CAD), and had been promised 300 baht ($10.30 CAD) a day in wages. The 300 baht is a similar wage to the migrant workers I photographed near my hotel last trip.

Scammed Cambodian Worker
It is a sad, scummy thing when you steal money from 180 poor people who just want to work to help their families back home. It is important to tell the story of human beings like these. I am not sure how I can get access and meet all the workers etc. but I will figure out a way, somehow. To document their lives, donate some things to them, do a book or exhibition or just put the work online in this blog might not help a lot but it will help a little through education and raising awareness.

From the story:

Thailand is home to hundreds of thousands of undocumented Cambodian migrant workers who come to Thailand through smuggling networks. Their undocumented status often makes them vulnerable to abuse by their employers, smugglers, and corrupt authorities.

In July, six Cambodian women were allegedly raped by Thai brokers who smuggled them into Thailand.