Tuesday, August 26, 2014


Hoping to get a few people off their tushes and into promoting photography in Edmonton I sent out an email to many local photo people I know. The emails were sent out mostly to club members I used to hang with. I got one reply that was hopeful and one that was a bit supportive but everyone else was dead silent. The indifference many of the club folks I used to hang with to supporting the arts and photography in Edmonton is rather pathetic. That is one of the problems I always faced in the club setting 90% of the members are not that passionate for photography, its mostly a social outing for them. When you ask to help push a photo festival in the city or if you ask to do a photo project together your met with indifferent silence. Many just do not give a f-ck. Photography is number 15 on their importance list, they have other priorities, such is life!

I will keep on trying thou, Rome was not built in a day, maybe we can get Edmonton into Exposure.

Update: Just got another positive response so maybe there is hope!