Friday, August 29, 2014

Photo Idea: The Life Of Weaw

I have started chatting again with an old friend from from 2003. Here name is Weaw and she has had a difficult life over the last 11 years. We met briefly a few years back in 2010 when I visited and photographed her in her family home in Northern Thailand (check the blog from in December 2010). Weaw lost much of her freedom when she became HIV positive, she also went blind as a result of that disease. The beautiful thing about Weaw is she does not let any of that get her down, she retains her joy for life and hope for a better future.

I was thinking that a photo series on her life might be a good project. She is a kind and brave person. To show her life now after HIV and blindness might be a great story, a story of sadness but also of courage, strength and hope.

Maybe can spend a month with her and her families and friends, documenting what here life is like now.

More thought needed. I have so many photo ideas it's hard to say what will work and what will not work, what I will do and not do.