Monday, August 18, 2014


Here is a converted Digi shot of dad made with the Mark II yesterday. I am not really that happy with the look of the digital b/w.  I plan on shooting mostly film this week with dad with the odd digital camera pic for colour.

Last night was thinking how scary it must be to die. You lay in bed not able to move much staring at the ceiling thinking of dying. How terrible that must be, maybe you have memories of your life that are good and bad but your future is only death and how many months, weeks or days until it happens. I need to go and spend more  time with dad this week, maybe not to talk so much as that tires him out but just to be there in the room with him so he is less scared of his future.

Update: Just talked to mom about dad, I guess he is still not doing to well. Last night when we talked with him I mentioned that I was having problem with the upstairs bathroom in my house. Dad told mom about it this morning, he must have been worried and thinking about my leaky toilet all night. That's my dad in a nutshell, here is he in the last few days of his life dying of cancer and he is more worried about his sons plumbing problems than himself. Dad always put me and my sister first, from the day we were born, until the day he dies his children always came first.

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