Thursday, August 28, 2014

Framing The Show

Framing the show this time round should be lots easier than the Kaasa show. I have all the frames and mats ready to go all I have to do is make the new pics and insert them. There should be no extra costs not even for over mats as I can reuse all the stuff from the last show. I would print the photos on 16x20 paper and mount them in the 20x24 black frames I have in storage.

I am thinking of doing one thing thou, using my large white frames to house two larger dad ring flash portraits. I want to print those images to high contrast but I am unsure how the square format images will look in big white vertical frames. I can print larger if I use the white frames, on 20x24 paper. Maybe its best to stay to 16x20 paper and the 20x24 black frames.

I have to thank my friend Rob who helped a ton with those old frames. At times he can be grumpy and hold grudges but underneath he is a decent enough fellow. Without Robs help I would not have the frames for this coming show and past shows. This will be my third time using the black and white frames, so it was money well spent. I hope I can eventually use these frames 10 times or more.