Thursday, August 7, 2014

Digital Thoughts

Well the work portrait job fell through. They were only willing to pay $300 and with the costs of printing the photo and the time involved I figured it was not worth it so turned them down. I am still thinking of getting a high end digital camera. Having a 24mm 1.4 lens and digi should allow me to shoot in low light situations I cannot do now without flash. The other big reason to buy a digital is I want to photograph my father with it before it's to late to do so.

A used Canon Mark ii with used 24mm F1.4 lens should run me about $2500 CAD maybe a bit more maybe as much as $3000. I have 5 workshops coming up (3 booked so far) which should raise $620, I will need to pull the rest from my photography shooting savings account or directly from my security pay checks.

I was with out with my friend Larry tonight and he showed me his 2 Mark iii cameras and various lens. The advantages of digital are intoxicating, thou I still prefer the look of a b/w film negative with grain and a print done on fibre paper. I need to do more research on converting digi files to film, for darkroom printing. Even if I do buy the camera I would probably only use it for maybe 10-20% of my total shooting so I do not want to spend to much money on this.