Saturday, August 30, 2014

Dad Tighter

I got some chubby chicken from A&W for dad yesterday, he had a piece which was nice, today I plan on taking him some home grown corn on the cob. I also want to  take dad the Daido Moriyama photo book before I return it to the library.

I plan on photographing him with film tomorrow again, they will be higher contrast b/w shots, probably tighter head shots, hand shots. Working with the digital camera and film cameras together is quite compelling, I will do a bunch of that in Asia next trip. I am glad I opened up more to digital, the positive effect several photo club members and photo friends have had on me I guess. We should always be open to anyway that creates positive imagery. That is why I am always against rules in clubs, you can only shoot digi or you can only shoot film rules are just to damn restrictive and confining. Stop with the rules and simply allow people to create freely.

Long after my father is gone I will continue to work with and love the digital shots I made of him in his last days. Buying the digi was definitely the right way to go, now I am waiting on the used 24mm F1.4  from the States and a cheap Chinese ring flash for the camera which I bought last night.

Here is the latest shot of dad, rather like this one, the feeling in his eyes works for me. The lower eye is sharp the upper a bit soft, it creates an stronger dynamic I think. Not sure which version I prefer, there is a simplicity to the b/w shot that I find appealing. I wish I could print it in the darkroom, I might have to settle for a digital print if I can not figure out how to transfer the file to film. As I get better at the whole digital thingy, things will work themselves out. Another fun digital fact is that every time you shoot a pic you have both a colour and b/w version of the shot.

Dad Canon Mark II 24mm-70mm F2.8 at 70mm, August 29 2014
Image converted to b/w and contrast added, 2500 ASA 1/80 F2.8