Monday, August 11, 2014

Back In The Dark

I am back in the dark tonight working on a photo of dad again. The pic is a tight head shot of dad looking back up at the camera. This picture was made with the Leica R6 Tri-x at 800ASA and the 60mm lens at a slow shutter and f2.8. There is something so beautiful about film photography and grain, I think this image works better because it was shot on film. I want to shoot more of this style in the future, both here in Canada and overseas.

Here is my second attempt at printing this negative, I will burn down some additional areas of the print with attempt  #3.

Update* I ended up doing 6 versions of the print from grades 4-4.5 with various degrees of burning. I will wash and then dry the 11x14 prints. Later I will bleach them to try to bring out the eyes more before toning and final archival washing. I want to show the photo to dad next week.

Now it's off to bed, got to get back on my security 12 hour nightshifts tonight.