Friday, August 22, 2014

Another Workshop

Did another workshop today, this one was a view camera class that went fast and easy. Doug the student works in the optical field so has great experience with all types of lens. He was able to pick up the tech stuff very quickly so the most important part of the workshop for him was the camera handling and getting some hands on experience shooting. It was a nice afternoon and another $120 into the photography trip kitty. I think I have enough film now so am investing it into the next trip for now. I would buy photo paper but do not have any shows lined up so spending money there seems a bit premature.

I have 3 or possibly 4 more workshops on the docket. All of that money will go into the bank for the 6 month extended trip. Todays workshop student was from Saskatoon, the next is from Calgary, I am starting to pull in photo people from other provinces now.