Thursday, August 21, 2014

Another Rejection And Dad

Got another rejection letter today, for the "Families of the Dump" project, this one from the Red Deer Museum and Art Gallery. Another polite letter with the word SORRY in it. One, two or three rejections and you can say stuff like well they are wrong and I am right, but when you get into the six-seven-eight rejections then you know the work is  simply not strong enough. I do have a much larger selection of images now than when I made these submissions. The work submitted was done after the May trip to the dump and does not include any of the November photos.

Still when you get 500 no's we do not want to show your photographs, that's a sign. I will work harder and try to do stronger work next time. The 5x7 portraits will be part of the next round of submissions from the dump so that will be a bit different, and add a unique flavour.

My one regret from this rejection is I wish that I could have shown acceptance letter to dad, it might have cheered him up a bit. I feel that this new failure let him down, let the people in the dump down, all because I am not good enough. Maybe later on in my photo career the acceptance letters will come but that will be after dad is gone so will mean so much less.

Dad looked a bit better today, he has been on a IV for the last few days and it has helped him. I bought him some canned ham, some herrings and peaches. He was eating some of the cut up peaches when I left. It's a good idea for me to buy dad food then he feels more obligated to eat them (because his son bought it). Me buying food for him more often will help him eat more and help keep him with us a little longer.