Saturday, August 2, 2014

6 Months In Asia On $15000

I have been trying to figure out budgets for 6 months in Asia making photos. Originally I started with a budget of $10000 but I do not think that's quite enough. To live reasonably comfortable and to do all I want to do $15000 should be more than enough. If I can do it for $10000 I will but will plan and have $15000 available.

Here is my thinking on the spending.

1) Air Ticket Canada to Thailand $1500
2 ) Accommodations $400-$500 a month for an A/C apartment room with a small kitchen, fridge, hot water, microwave. A 6 month total for apartments in Thailand and Cambodia would be $2400-$3000.
3) Food-water $20 - $25 a day, if I can eat less Western food and cook at home or eat street foods I should be able to do $20 a day or less. So at $25 a day times 180 days that is $4500 for food.
4) Travel within Thailand, inside Bangkok and to the Cambodian border from $5 to $30 depending on where I am traveling. This is a bit an unknown so lets put aside $2000 for 6 months.
5) Clothes, supplies, haircuts, clothes washing, medicines, donations, visas, unknowns etc lets say $2000 to $3000. This is a guess so many things can happen its hard to figure whats what. I do not know that its always better to calculate to large than to small because that's the way things usually work out. I do not drink, smoke or do any kind of drugs so there are no expenses there.

My grand total budget for 6 months in Asia taking the higher numbers equals $14000, giving me another $1000 as backup. I will probably have $20000 saved just in case something goes wrong. I would like to do it closer to $10000 thou and use the other $10000 for a second trip soon after.

If I could live on Thai and Cambodian food only and do without A/C and a fancy room, walk a lot and take cheaper modes of transport I could probably do it for $7000. I might have to go the cheaper way to get the work done, no grants, no photo sales means I need to cut every corner I can. The photos need to get made so I need to get it done anyway I can! A bit of suffering to create your art work is good for the soul! Or so I have heard.

: )