Thursday, May 1, 2014

My Father In Hospital

Last week I shot some 35mm Leica stuff of Dad in hospital (he is home now again) and some stuff with a Hasselblad. Many of the photos were out of focus, I must not be concentrating well, missing to many shots. The conditions to shoot the blad in were far from ideal, I hand held this photo with a 80mm lens at 1/60 and F2.8 with Tri-x Rated at 200ASA. The photograph was illuminated with window light from dads left side.  I gave the 120 film my standard 35mm development, D-76 2-1 for 12 minutes 30 seconds at 20C. This type of photo would probably be easier to take with a Mamiya 6, that camera is a range finder and has less movement during exposure. I wanted to try using the blad thou and was happy with this one neg out of the roll.

I like the silence of this photograph, my father quietly thinking in his bed.

My father in hospital late April 2014, Edmonton Canada
I was thinking what I could photograph in the new photo groups magazine if that project happens. The subject needs to be Edmonton based and I do not have a lot of Edmonton based work, but maybe I could use some photos of my father I have taken over the last few months. I will try to do more square format work in the coming days, probably with a ring flash and in available light with a reflector and tripod.

I am glad I bought a 110 rolls of Tri-x 120, the blad is a wonderful reliable tool with world class glass, I need to shoot it more. I think I can do good work with the Hasselblad and it's 6x6 zen format on my next trip in Asia.

Update* I talked to dad tonight about the possibility of the magazine project and using his photos as my Edmonton contribution. Dad said it was OK to go ahead and do that so we will be doing more photo work in the coming days towards that project. I did a few ring flash shots tonight with the blad and Tri-x. I want to do more available light 120 and 35mm plus some late large format studio work. Not sure how many photos I will be allowed to contribute, hopefully 4 or 5.  I now have two goals, to photograph dad for myself and the family and to also work towards this photo group magazine thing.