Sunday, February 18, 2018


"The unexamined life is not worth living "

Night 6 Photos

Tonight was night 6 in a row, tomorrow is a holiday. I need to start the packing to be out of my apartment at the end of the month. Handed out 4-300 baht headlamps and 6 battery 80 baht headlamps (mostly to kids). Also handed out 3 pairs of boots and maybe 15 lollipops, 6 mama noodles, a bag of rice and a bunch of kitchen things (donated by Thai people).

Here is a selection from tonight's photo work.

Bride and groom home left, father - mother of the groom home on the right
Lollipop Baby Boy
People line up for the coming garbage truck
Young girls waiting for the garbage truck
2 lines form as the garbage truck backs up
Woman lost in thought in the dump

Ex Sky Blue Teacher

from Faacebook...

Bob Carnie Gerry , tell us a bit about Sky Blue School. Education is critical.
Gerry Yaum Strange you should mention Sky Blue tonight Bob. When I arrived at the dump tonight at around 930pm I was handing out some stuff to the children when an older Burmese man in a Longyi (skirt like pants) came up to me smiled, said 'Good" then he said "Do you remember me?" I did not. Turns out he was a teacher at Sky Blue. He spoke to me in English which is very rare in the dump. I guess I had met him several years ago when I visited the school, made a donation etc. He seemed to have fallen on hard times. He might have been the former principle, forget now, could have been the English teacher who I also met several years back.

Donation From Good Thai Folk!

Here is the first package of goods from Thai people that I will take to the dump. The 2 kilo bag of rice I bought on sale at 7/11 all the other stuff was donated to the families by Thai people. The big container is used to keep things in, usually drying dishes, and keep the ants, cockroaches and other insects off. Something that is a constant problem in the dump, every thing is always crawling on everything.

Will take this group of stuff to the dump tonight along with 4 pairs of boots and 4 high quality and 5 battery operated headlamps. Plus the usual mama noodles and lollipops for the kids. Need to go to the store now to buy the boots before it closes at 8pm. Tonight is my 6th night in a row, tomorrow is a forced holiday. I need to start packing and preparing to leave Mae Sot, lots of work to do there.

Donation from Thai people

Small Buys From Yesterday And 6 Pair Boot Buy

Did a bit of small buys late last night:

- Lollipots 30x5 = 150 baht
- Mama noodles 11x6 = 66 baht
- 270 baht to the father of the groom for medical care of his wife. She is expecting their 3rd child.
- More Tiger Balm 3x56 = 168 baht

Also did a boot buy in the evening.

 - 2 x size 9.5, 200 baht a set
 - 2 x size 10, 200 baht a set.
 - 2 x size 10.5, 200 baht a set.

Total cost is 1200 baht (sorry no photo have to run to the dump very late now)

Will add these to the total spent money column later when I have some spare time.

Update* I also bought Lollipops 30x5 =150 baht and Mama noodle 12x6 = 72 baht tonight. Gave out 50 baht to one lady, delayed giving money to another man who I suspect wanted it to drink with. 

Quote: Spooky Portrait

from Facebook...

Not sure what this is exactly. a rather spooky close up of one of the children staring right into the camera. The kids love to come and hang around with me as I photograph, watching everything I do. They sometimes act up in front of the camera or latch onto the tripod (1, 2 or 3 at a time). Last night one young boy grabbed onto my right leg as I was making photographs and would not let go. I was sort of walking (stumbling) about with him attached to me.

Spooky child portrait

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Photo Story: Line Of Workers Waiting For Garbage Truck

from Facebook..

Here people wait in long lines for the newest garbage truck to back up in between. As the truck backs up the people yell out when to stop! Then it unloads and people climb on top of the garbage looking for Anything of value. Bags are ripped open and gone through carefully.

Occasionally small money is found and people yell out with joy. I have been shown found money both notes and coins from strange far off countries maybe 7-8 times throu the years. Never seen anything of any real value. One time this trip was even shown some toy game board money with the hope it was worth something. The game dollars were laid carefully in front of me like diamonds or gold. Rather sad to see the hope in peoples eyes as I examined it. Had to tell them sorry it was worthless.

Line up of workers waiting for the garbage truck to back up.

Photo Story: Mother Watching Over Children

from Facebook...
Mother watching over her two children as they sleep in a dump shelter. Quite often the parents of families who live on the edges of the dump bring their children to work. There is no day care here and quite often elderly grandparents are also picking in the dump. While mom and dad work the care of the younger children is often handed over to slightly older children.

The father was sleeping and sick just to the right of the children. He had an upset stomach. I gave him some tiger balm which his wife applied to his back and let him inhale deeply two times. He said helped him. He also asked for some size 10.5 boots.

A mother keeps vigil over her sleeping children around 1030pm

Photo Story: Close Up Of Dump Workers

from Facebook...

Close up of some of the workers on the garbage. Hard to shoot this these type of pics as you have to climb right in and get up close. through all the slimy, slippery waste. Much harder for the workers thou as they dig through it, handle it directly. I try to photograph the families at work honestly but do not want to interfere with their work, get in their way as they are digging.

Another tech problem is trying to shoot faces (hats hide the workers eyes) and the lack of light or too much light with blinding spot lights. It is a real mixed bag. I am always fooling with exposure trying to get everything as balanced as I can. Needing faster shutters in low light to freeze movement is also difficult, thankfully digital cameras allow a 10000 ASA. Sometimes I add in some light with a handheld or multiple hand held flash lights in my left hand, got to love autofocus!.

Another down part of wading right into the wet garbage is that later when I return to my room and have to clean my boots, I need to use pointed wooden sticks to dig out the garbage waste stuck in the boot treads. I bring back hairs, mud, sticks, dog feces and a variety of other stinky things on my boots after a nights shooting. All my clothes also go immediately into a wash and I usually take 2 showers, 1 on arriving home and a second after the boot cleaning. One advantage of having an apartment is that I can use the washing machine downstairs (5 floors no elevator) to wash my dump clothes every 2 days (30 baht) instead of washing them by hand in the hotel bathroom sink like I did in previous years here.

Workers on top of the garbage

Other New Shots

These are from the last several days at the dump:

Group of workers waiting for the garbage truck to unload
Group of workers on top of the garbage