Thursday, December 14, 2017

Editing Pictures OnLCD screen Difficult

TV HDMI setup?

Everything Here Is Done FAST!!

Quote: Dalai Lama

Don’t try to use what you learn from Buddhism to be a Buddhist; use it to be a better whatever-you-already-are."

Shooting My Butt Off!

Gosh am walking for hours every night and shooting people on the streets like crazy. Am doing portraits up close and personal in a run and gun aggressive guerrilla style. Because of the varying light I face I am mostly shooting at 3 ASAs, 5000, 10000 And 20000. These very high ASAs give me the shutter speeds I need to freeze action. People her bolt thru the streets. I am pushing the capabilities of my Canon 5D Mark 3 to the max! Am using shutter priority mode, auto focus, high ASA, and sometimes machine gun like motor drive work!

Anyway, each day is an adventure. After several days of shooting I am becoming better in my technique and more confident-aggressive in my shooting.

Am very happy I will have a secondary photo project to work on (digitally) and submit on my return to Canada. I plan on submitting KAROSHI and the Japanese street photo work to both Canadian and Japanese galleries. If I can show work her, it means another trip to Japan. If I take another trip here it will give me the opportunity to make more pics and eat more food! :)

Note* At 20000 ASA there will be heavy pixels seen but such is life, need to work with it in post.
Note** I need to shoot much more still film (Tri-x)when I return to Thai. It looks like the filmmaking part of the trip will be a failure.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

My New Friend Photographer Shinsuke Yoshida

Met a new friend today at Kyoto’s Museum Of Photography. His name is Shinsuke Yoshida a talented landscape photographer. He makes wonderfully minimalist and very beautiful landscapes. His work reminds me of Japanese Haiku poetry, simple looking pieces that have broader important complex story to tell.

Shinsuke Yoshida photographer, here are some samples from the Kyoto exhibition and a link to his webpage. (Note* Will add the photos when I have access to my laptop).

Hello Shitty

You know merchandizing of the  “Hello Kitty” name has gone a bit TOO FAR when you start marketting “Hello Kitty” toilet bowl accessories. Here is a photo of Kitty and a Japanese spray-heated toilet seat, working together. Cost on sale was aroun $600 Canadian.

Kimono’s Everwhere

Not sure why but I saw lots of Kimono’s being worn in Kyoto, much more than in Tokyo. Even the tourists join in the fun. Many Chinese visitors pay to play dress up, and walk the streets, both men and women. Always felt kimono’s were especially beautiful, a woman seems so feminine when she wears them. It must be quite difficult to move in one, one normal step in pants is like 6 steps in kimono.

Like A Salmon Swimming Up Stream Against The Current

Leica Store And Gallery Kyoto

Kyoto Museum Of Photography