Saturday, March 25, 2017

35mm Camera Confusion, What To Do?

Which Leica 35mm to take with me? I want to take 2 cameras and 3 lens. It makes sense to take 2 of the same bodies so if one goes down I still have the other to use. I will be shooting for 6 months, breakdowns are a real possibility.

What combination of 2 cameras and 3 lens should I take?

- Leica M rangefinder camera bodies 3
- 21mm F2.8 M lens
- 28mm F2 M lens
- 35mm F1.4 M lens

- Leica R SLR Camera bodies 3 (2 R6s, 1 R4)
- 60mm F2.8 R lens
- 35mm F2.8 R lens
- 24mm F2.8 R lens

I will take 1 R camera body and the 60mm macro (Sebastiao Salgado's favorite lens) but am unsure after that. Maybe a second R body and the 24mm and 35mm. Or maybe a rangefinder body with the faster 28mm and 35mm lens. The M lens are much faster, the R lens focus closer!

Update: What about this for a 35mm package?

1 Leica R body
1 Leica M body
28mm f2 M lens
35mm f1.4 M lens
24mm f2.8 R lens
60mm f2.8 R lems
A ton of Tri-x film!

Like this gear set up, I would have fast lens and close focusing lens but no backups with me for the R or M bodies. If they go down, I would lose that 1/2 of my gear bag.

More More More More More More Exhibition Show Mag Captures

Sine more possible layouts and photos for the magazine.

Note* There is 1 brand new image, never posted before in this section.

Friday, March 24, 2017

More More More More More Exhibition Show Mag Captures

Sine more possible layouts and photos for the magazine.

Note* There are 2 brand new images, never posted before in this section.

Trip Idea: 6 Month Personal Creative Process Book Diary (Hard Copy)

While waiting in my car today before coming into the guardhouse I came up with an new idea. What if I did a hard version diary (Blurb magazine/book) of my 6 month LEAVE. It might be a modern version of Edward Westons "Daybooks".

Some ideas for what this book could contain:

- Scans of of film photographs made during the trip.
- Contact sheets of film shot with chosen wax pencil images.
- digital picture files of everything and anything. Footage on the planes, in the shooting locations, streets, restaurants, buses, shots of everything in my personal life for that 6 month time period.
- video captures from all the film I shoot, individual and sequence grabs.
- scans of diary hand written personal diary entries.
- blogs stories.
- scans of documents, passport visas, bus tickets, money etc

It could be a complete record of everything I do on the 6 month LEAVE. Since it is more of a private thingy, with no Internet connection/online presence I could also open up and be brutally honest in all areas, including very personal thoughts that I usually keep only to myself.

What would a book like this be called? "6 Months"? " "Heartful"? "Heartland"? Heartfelt? Heart?.Jai-Dee? (Good Heart in Thai). This might if it is done right offer a deep incite to my personality (hopes, strengths, weaknesses, doubts and fears) and creative process. It could be a very personal document about who and what I am, and what I am trying to do as an artist. It is one of those projects you would probably keep quiet about (unreleased) during your lifetime but that might find a life (assuming the work created is important and anyone gives a shit) after your death.

The idea is to capture in book form the heart of the creative process, the heart of who I am as a person (good and bad), the heart of the work and what it is trying to achieve, the hearts of the people I meet and photographs. I want it to be open, very honest and passionate. I want the book to be how I feel about my photography and life in general.

Not sure I will do this, but it is worth more thought. I will have basically everything I need to do it on this trip, digi cameras, laptop, proper software etc. To do it or not? Am not sure. Will have to see, how it all shakes out.

Update* Am leaning towards calling the book JAI-DEE ? (the question mark is important, because I am not sure if I have a good heart or not, if I am doing good or not, that sort of thing is always ambiguous).

Quote: T.S. Elliot (From His Book "Family Reunion")

"Harry: I tell you, it is not me you are looking at, Not me you are grinning at, not me your confidential looks Incriminate, but that other person, if person, You thought I was: let your necrophily Feed upon that carcase....."

Are My Favourite Images From 35mm Negs?

Looking back at the pages I have done for my exhibition magazine, the 35s stand out to me. I think I my favourites are the Tri-x 35mm captures. There is a rawness, contrast, grain in those pics that help tell a story very effectively. In combination with my gifted (thanks Jack) Durst condenser enlarger, bleach and toning you can make some damn effective, even strong and powerful, photographs. No wonder my two idols, W. Eugene Smith and Sebastiao Salgado used 35mm so effectively to tell their stories.

Lately in my photographic work I have been pushing away my 35mm gear in favour of cameras like the Rolleiflex and 5x7 Linhof. I need to get back to my roots and shoot the smaller cameras to death my next trip, I have a ton of bulk 35mm Tri-x in my freezers, time to use some of it up!

Here is a group of recent 35mm Tri-x scanned magazine images I like.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

More More More More Exhibition Show Mag Captures

The latest possible magazine design pages.

Note* There are 2 brand new images, never posted before in this section. 

Bought Me A STANLEY Mobile Workshop

Bought me a cheap plastic tool box for the view camera gear. I expect to use this here in Canada, when I go camping etc. I wanted something mobile that I could keep all my 8x10 (maytbe 11x14) gear in. This Stanley box cost $52.99 CAD with free shipping from Amazon. They have a variety of types, might try another model in the future if this one proves good. One of the guys here at worked turned me onto these things, he had the $129 dollar model.
Amazon CA Link To The Product

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

More More More Exhibition Show Mag Captures

Here are some more possible layout pages for the AGSA exhibition magazine.

Note* There are 3 brand new images, never posted before in this section. 

Raised Workshop Rates Again

Raised my workshop rates again. I want to make as much money as I can to buy more film to shoot in Asia but I also want to have students, and promote film photography. It is a bit of iffy thing to raise the workshop prices. How much to charge? I boosted each workshop by $20, not much, but every bit helps. I also added a view camera workshop to the Red Deer posting. Will probably raise the rates again by $20-$40 in 2018 after I return from my LEAVE photo/documetnary film trip to Asia.

Hopefully I can teach a few more (5 or 6 more would be awesome) workshops before I go to Thai, I need to buy more 120mm film!! I need to continue to tell the stories of the dump and elsewhere. Here are the raised rates.

-Basic Darkroom $160
-Advanced Darkroom $200
- Learn to use a View Camera $170