Sunday, April 23, 2017

Inspiring Ambrotypes By Tushar Joshi

So often when I find YouTube vids of wet plate photography, it is all technique and gadgets, rarely do the photos move me. Here is a link to a photographer in India, Mr Tushar Joshi who makes great imagery, moving imagery with the simplest of tools. And after all is that not what it is all about! The creative piece of art you have at the end of the process! Everything else does not matter in the end. His project is titled "Sanakari", looking at the images in the video is very imspiring for me. I have hope to something of similar strength and consequence in my eventual "Oh Canada" project.
Behind the scenes- Wet Plate collodion By Tushar Joshi

Ambrotype by Tushar Joshi from his project "Sanakari"

Bought Me Am Ambrotype "Japan Antique Photo : Japanese Woman Sitting / Ambrotype Kimono Brazier"

Instead of buying a bunch of cheaper ambrotypes/tintypes I have decided to invest in just a few that I really love. Quality over quantity, you pay more but get more emotional impact, images that I feel are important and inspirational. I want to do a series of group ambrotype portraits for the "Oh Canada" project and to that end bought this inspiring Japanese portrait of 4 women (mother, daughters and granddaughter?) from 1894. The ambrotype is a little more than 4 inches long, the cost was a very hefty $124.51 USD including shipping from Saitama Japan. All 4 in this group look so glum, sad lives, lost family members? Where are all the men? What were the stories of these womens lives? I will now will be able to study this work up close, and hopefully be inspired by it to make my own group ambrotypes. Maybe in 120 years, some other photographer doing ambrotypes will be inspired by my portraiture, wondering about those lives.

Note" I like the wooden presentation of the Japanese ambrotypes I have seen online like the one I now own. It might be a way I can present my work. Each ambrotype in its only specially labeled wooden box. You open up and present each work of art slowly and separately.

Another Bad Dad Dream

Fell asleep around 730am woke up at 753am after another bad dad dream. I was in a room in mom and dads home. In their basement was a room my sister and I uses to call the "playhouse". I was standing in it and thinking of converting it into a photo workspace, in the dream my the room even had running water. Then all of a sudden I was upstairs in the kitchen talking to my father, mom was in background but not speaking. I could hear dads voice very clearly, then asked him a question, seeking his help. He answered my question, he sounded happy and normal, like he was really with us again, just like before. It was all do REAL! Then in the dream I new dad was dead. I ran over and hugged him with both arms very tightly, and started crying uncontrollably. I yelled out over and over again how much I missed him. My father said nothing. I kept crying, yelling and holding him a bit longer then woke up with a sudden start here in my home.

Unsettling dream, the worst I have had for a while, there was a tear in my eye when I woke. I will try to sleep again. I have 1 more night shift to go,

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Bought Me An Old Lady Ambrotype

Bought another ambrotype, this one in rather poor condition but I loved the look, expression and feel of the old lady subject. She seems to have lived a difficult life, a strong portrait I think, one that will help inspire me to do similar work. Cost was $25 USD plus shipping.

Note* I wonder if I can shoot view camera portraits in the dump then later do ambrotypes in my darkroom? I know that technically there is a way to do it, but I have never done it myself.

Portrait of an older lady

Scheimpflug Rule

"When the extended lines from the lens plane, the object plane, and the film plane intersect at the same point, the entire subject plane is in focus."

Bought Me A 1/9th Ambrotype, Man In Top Hat With Soft Eyes

Picked up this sweet eyed 1/9th ambrotype today for $21 plus shipping (seller was asking $24.99). I love the look in this mans eyes, a quiet softness and beauty to him. This is the type of portrait I hope to make when I start doing my wet plate work. I wonder who he was? He looks, mischievous but kind hearted. What kind of life did he lead? How old was he when he died? Who did he love? Who loved him? What adventures did he have? What made him happy and sad? A nice portrait of a forgotten man, like the hat, suit-tie, and cigar as well.

Note* I plan to carry a bunch of these older ambrotypes with me when I do the "Oh Canada" wet plate project. An inspiration from the past so to speak!! I will see what has been done before and try  to emulate and surpass it.
Man in Top Hat with soft eyes.

Bought Me A Goerz Apochromat Artar Red Dot 19 Inch Process Lens (Barrel)

Got me a near mint 19 inch (480mm) Goertz Red Dot Artar lens on the cheap. A Canadian seller was asking $325 CAD (plus cheap shipping) for it, I made an offer of $250 CAD and was accepted. I plan to use this lens with my 8x10  camera, it might also cover 11x14. I bought this mostly because of the discount price, no extra taxes and duty and  the low $21 CAD shipping. This will be used as a wet plate lens just like my 42 inch version (42 inch Red Dot Goertz Artar).
Link To My 42 Inch Red Dot

19 Inch Red Dot Goerz Artar Process Lens (no shutter)

Link: ORGASMIC Ambrotype Photographer Petr Jedinak

Found this on YouTube tonight while researching ambrotypes. Czech Republic photographer Petr Jedinak  series of Orgasmic portraits. Certainly a unique body of work. I like the general idea. Do not want to do my own series of ORGASM POTRAITURE SERIES but it would be cool to do a variety of heads showing various strong emotions, anger, laughter, sorrow etc. I think that it could be quite an emotionally effective and powerful group of ambrotypes.

Here is the link to a video on this extremely intimate and passionate series.:
Orgasmic Ambrotype Portraits By Petr Jedinak

Friday, April 21, 2017

Gerry Yaum Goes French

Found some of the old sex worker pics (SLATE.COM) on a French blog run by a person named Emmanuel Chausssader (sounds like a character in classic French literature). Here is the link:

Installed A Second Hard Drive On To My HP Elitebook 8760W Video Editing Laptop

This afternoon I received my DVD hard drive caddy today in the mail from China. I came to work, installed the 2TB internal drive in the caddy, then removed my DVD player from the Elitebook 8760W laptop and placed the new hard drive inside. I then found on line the steps needed for the computer to recognize this 2nd drive. The installation went well, everything works great and I now have a 2 drives on my editing computer a 1 TB and a 2 TB.

I have a second caddy and second 2TB hard drive in the mail, when those arrive I will install them as well. That will bring my computer up to its max capacity, 32GB of RAM and 5 TB of hard drive (3 drives). I saved quite a bit of money by buying my RAM/DRIVES/CADDIES online and doing the installation myself (thank you YouTube).

This laptop which is armed with Adobe Premiere, Sony Vegas and Davinci Resolve (video editing software's) should be a great tool for me in Asia. I can shoot all day then download and edit all night. Or shoot all night and edit all day! By doing the editing in Thailand  I will have a clear understanding of what is working or not working as I progress  through the project day by day.